All freshmen and sophomore students living on campus mus purchase a meal plan from the Resident Meal Plan list.  Upperclassmen living on campus may also choose to purchase a meal plan.  On-campus students will select their meal plan when they are registering for housing via Zagweb. 

Off-campus students may purchase meal plans from the Community Meal Plan list using the Zag Dining website, or by visiting the Zag Dining office.

There are also faculty and staff meal plans available.  For more information, please call the Zag Dining office at (509) 313-6906

On campus students will select their meal plan when registering for housing via ZagWeb.  Off campus students and upperclassmen can purchase community meal plans using the ZagDining website.  To purchase a Faculty/Staff meal plan, please call (509) 313-6906, or visit the Zag Dining office.

Yes! On campus students may change meal plans via ZagWeb until 5:00 pm on Friday - the last day of the first week of class.  You may also change plans between semesters.  If you do not change plans during the semester, you will be automatically re-enrolled in the same meal plan as before.

Any student can purchase additional Bulldog Bucks during the semester, or add meal swipes by purchasing a community meal plan.

Meal swipes are accepted at The COG and at 1887 in Cataldo.  Bulldog Bucks are accepted at any campus dining location, including The COG, 1887, Starbucks, The Marketplace, Wolfgang Puck's, SubConnection, Zaggin' Wagon, Duff's, Margie's at Tilford's, and Fuel Cell.

Bulldog Bucks are also accepted at many off-campus locations.  See the university website for more information.

Any student, guest, faculty or staff member can purchase a meal from The COG or 1887.  Individual meal prices may change from semester to semester, so you may want to check with the cashier.

Summer 2018 Meal Prices:

Cash price

  • Breakfast - $8.75
  • Lunch - $12.25
  • Dinner - $14.00

Bulldog Bucks price

  • Breakfast - $6.59
  • Lunch - $7.86
  • Dinner - $10.37
Meal plan swipes for resident meal plans expire on the last day of each semester.  Meal plan swipes for community meal plans carry over from one semester to the next, but do expire if the account is inactive for more than 9 months.  Bulldog Bucks carry over from semester to semester and from year to year.
Any student can purchase additional Bulldog Bucks during the semester, or add meal swipes by purchasing a community meal plan.

If you forgot your ZAGCARD at home, you can freeze your account and replace it if you want to.  YOu can also get a temporary meal card directly from Zag Dining.  The meal card does not grant door access or provide any other ZAGCARD functions on campus - it is a dining card only.

If you lost your ZAGCARD, freeze your account immediately and visit the Manage Your ZAGCARD page for instructions on how to replace your card.