Resident Dining Meal Plans

Unlimited Swipes | $650 Bulldog Bucks | 6 parent/family passes per semester
Price: $3,890

14/week Swipes | $900 Bulldog Bucks | 6 parent/family passes per semester
Price: $3,890

14/week Swipes | $750 Bulldog Bucks | 6 parent/family passes per semester
Price: $3,740

14/week Swipes | $600 Bulldog Bucks | 6 parent/family passes per semester
Price: $3,590

*Last day to change your meal plan for the Fall 2024 semester is  Friday, August 30, 2024

VMP Summer Sale

Community Meal Plans

  • Community Meal Plans are available for students who have fulfilled the residency requirement.
  • Community Meal Plans are transferable and can be redeemed at any time.
  • These plans NEVER expire and roll over from semester to semester.
  • Bulldog Bucks are not included with these plans, but can be added to your student account via the Gonzaga University website. 
  • Purchase a plan here!

Loyalty........110 Swipes | $965 NOW $915

Nora............80 Swipes | $730

Augusta.......50 Swipes | $490

*Purchase your voluntary meal plan now through August 9 to lock in current price before Fall semester*

NEW VMP Price Change Date

Faculty & Staff Meal Plans
  • Faculty & Staff Meal Plans are available for Gonzaga Faculty & Staff.
  • Purchase at the Zag Dining office at 730 E. Boone Avenue or call us at (509) 313-6906 
If you have a question about the Meal Plans offered, please call the Zag Dining office at (509) 313-6906.

Bulldog Bucks is a stored value account managed by Gonzaga University and is available to all ZAGCARD holders. It provides a convenient secure way to make purchases at on and off campus participating locations. Bulldog Bucks are accepted at all Zag Dining locations across campus.

Available Bulldog Bucks rollover from semester to semester and year to year.  Bulldog Bucks included with a meal plan will be available approximately two days prior to move-in day. 

During the first week of classes, each student will receive $500 in Bulldog Bucks regardless of the plan selected (every plan includes at least $500).  After the meal plan change period ends (12pm on Friday, the last day of the first week of classes), students selecting a plan which provides more than $500 in Bulldog Bucks will have the difference added to their balance the following week.  Voluntary deposits, not part of a meal plan, will be available immediately. 

For more information on Bulldog Bucks, please visit the university website.

Step 1: Login to Zagweb 

Step 2: Click the "ZAGCARD & BULLDOG BUCKS" tab 

Step 3: View your current meal plan next to your ZagCard photo

Step 1: Login to Zagweb 

Step 2: Click the "ZAGCARD & BULLDOG BUCKS" tab 

Step 3: Click "eAccounts App" and go to "Check Transactions" to view your remaining Bulldog Bucks balance

Bulldog Bucks balances can be reloaded at anytime.

To make a Bulldog Bucks deposit, click here

Resident Meal Plans (2024 - 2025)

Resident Dining Meal Plans

  • All students living on campus required to purchase a Meal Plan will select a Resident Plan.
  • The Resident Meal Plan cost will be included in the Student Accounts billing statement. Plans are selected in ZagLiving as part of the housing selection process. If a Resident Meal Plan is not selected in ZagLiving, the Bulldog All Access Plan will automatically default.
    • The Meal Plan selected for fall semester will automatically default for spring semester, unless it is changed in ZagWeb.
    • The Meal Plan can be changed in ZagWeb before 12PM on Friday, last day of the first week of class: August 30th (fall) and January 17th (spring)
    • Upgrades to meal plans from Weekly to All Access are allowed after the change period by contacting Student Accounts.
    • At the end of the semester Bulldog Bucks roll over, unused meal swipes do not.
    • Per week meal counts reset each Friday morning.
    • 1 swipe = 1 entrance into one of the dining halls
    • Swipe access is redeemable at 1 per hour for all meal plans in COG, Duff's, and 1887 at Cataldo, including COG Express.
    • All meal plan swipes are non-transferrable
    • ZAG Meal Plans A,B, and C do not roll over to the following week 
    • Bulldog Bucks or unused parent/family swipes may be used to enter either of the dining halls if weekly swipes are exceeded
  • Any enrolled student may purchase one of the Resident Plans. Make a payment through CASHNet or at the Student Accounts Office, then contact Student Accounts to activate the plan. If the cost of the Meal Plan needs to be included in a payment plan, please contact or visit the Student Accounts Office to make arrangements.
Last day to Change Meal Plan