Unlimited Swipes | $500 Bulldog Bucks
Price: $2,980

Gold 16
16/week Swipes | $550 Bulldog Bucks
Price: $2,955

Silver 12
12/week Swipes | $700 Bulldog Bucks
Price: $2,865

Blue 225
225/semester Swipes | $600 Bulldog Bucks
Price: $2,895

White 175
175/semester Swipes | $800 Bulldog Bucks
Price: $2,865

Community meal plans include swipes that NEVER expire!* All community plans participate in the Go Green Fund: 1.5% of the purchase price goes toward a campus sustainability project!” *Swipes expire if the account is inactive for 9 months.

Community Loyalty
110 Swipes
Price: $855

Community Nora
80 Swipes
Price: $645

Community Augusta
50 Swipes
Price: $425

Community Sinto
30 Swipes
Price: $275

Bulldog Bucks is a stored value account managed by Gonzaga University and is available to all ZAGCARD holders. It provides a convenient secure way to make purchases at on and off campus participating locations.

Bulldog Bucks are accepted at all Zag Dining locations across campus.

For more information on Bulldog Bucks, please visit the university website.

No matter who you are or how you eat, you can find a Meal Plan that works best for your schedule and lifestyle.

Login to Zagweb to check available Meal Plan and Bulldog Bucks balances.

Resident Meal Plans

  • All students living on campus required to purchase a Meal Plan will select a Resident Plan.
  • The Resident Meal Plan cost will be included in the Student Accounts billing statement. Plans are selected in Zagweb as part of the housing selection process. If a Resident Meal Plan is not selected, the Platinum Plan will automatically default.
    • The Meal Plan selected for fall semester will automatically default for spring semester.
    • The Meal Plan can be changed in Zagweb before 5:00 PM on Friday, last day of the first week of class.
    • At the end of the semester Bulldog Bucks roll over, unused meal swipes do not.
  • Any enrolled student may purchase one of the Resident Plans. Make a payment through CASHNet or at the Student Accounts Office, then contact Student Accounts to activate the plan. If the cost of the Meal Plan needs to be included in a payment plan, please contact or visit the Student Accounts Office to make arrangements.

Community Meal Plans

Faculty & Staff Meal Plans
  • Faculty & Staff Meal Plans are available for Gonzaga Faculty & Staff.
  • Purchase at the Zag Dining office at 1027 N. Hamilton or call us at (509)313-6906.
If you have a question about the Meal Plans offered, please call the Zag Dining office at (509) 313-6906.