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What is Kiwibot?

Kiwibot is an on-campus robotic food delivery service that delivers your favorite meals right to you. To utilize the Kiwibot service, download the Everyday App to place your next delivery orders.

How it Works: Pre-Purchasing a delivery membership

  • Type in the name of your college/university to see if Kiwibot is serving your school
  • Select the subscription package that best fits your needs
  • Enter the mobile number + email you will be using on the Everyday App
  • Your membership will now be linked to your account on the  on the Everyday App

How it Works: After purchasing a membership package

  • Download the Everyday App
  • Sign up with the mobile number + email you used when purchasing the delivery package
  • “Check in” to your college/university
  • Place your delivery order
  • Once the meal is ready, the robot collects your order and drives it to you!

Kiwibot’s Memberships:

Kiwibot offers 4 memberships, so you save on delivery and service fees!

For a limited time only, receive $3+ off any membership!

· The Sampler - $9.99 $14.99 per semester

     Subscribe for 5 free deliveries with a $0 service fee.

· The Deluxe - $22.99.00 $26.99 per semester

     Subscribe for 11 free deliveries with a $0 service fee.

· The Fully Loaded - $51.99.00 $56.99 per semester

    Subscribe for 25 free deliveries with a $0 service fee.

· The Bottomless - $89.99 $56.99 per semester

    Subscribe for Unlimited free deliveries with a $0 service fee.

Membership Perks Include

  • Free Birthday Rewards
  • In-App Only exclusive discounts and freebies
  • Everyday App Loyalty Point with each purchase
  • Save Money with no delivery fee

Have questions? Find the answers here or in the Frequently Asked Question link in the navigation.

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