Hydroponic Greenhouse

Located in the Hemmingson Center, Gonzaga's very own hydroponic greenhouse grows fresh produce year-round that is used in dining locations across campus. The plants are grown hydroponically, meaning they get everything they need to grow from nutrient water circulated through their roots instead of soil. Growing hydroponic food conserves water and land. The greenhouse is available for tours and provides a unique educational opportunity for staff, students and the whole community. 

Zag Dining + LINC Foods Partnership 

Zag Dining has partnered with LINC (Local Inland Northwest Cooperative) Foods since their launch in 2014 to provide local produce throughout our locations. LINC Foods is a "one-stop shop for local and sustainable food" that connects local farmers throughout the Inland Northwest to new markets. LINC Foods farmers do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers in order to provide safe, healthy, and fresh foods. Local produce is featured every single day, and we have recently begun purchasing local and humanely-raised meats to be served on campus as well.